Location: Anton Chico, NM
22,270 sf
Owner: Santa Rosa Consolidate School District

Anton Chico’s new elementary and middle school serves the small community of Anton Chico and surrounding areas in New Mexico’s rural Guadalupe county.
The school’s small population gave the project an opportunity to explore new concepts for space utilization. Two learning neighborhoods – an elementary neighborhood for grades K-4 and middle school neighborhood for grades 5-8 were constructed. Each neighborhood incorporates a multi-use Great Room or Sala space. Additionally the spaces serve as the library, eating area and instruction space for art and computer.
Some of the features are:
• Multi-use gymnasium and cafeteria with community access
• Library
• Kitchen
• Student health/counseling area
• Teacher workrooms
• Computer lab
• Music, Art & dance classrooms
• Faculty & Administration Offices
The school design also incorporates a modular Head Start facility for pre-kindergarten students and an area for a dedicated playground. The design incorporates an energy efficient ground source heat pump mechanical system.



“Anton Chico ES/MS is a pilot in many respects…that incorporates many design features that we want to replicate throughout the state as we strive to build sustainable facilities that will last for a long time and be adaptable to new education delivery methods for the foreseeable future.”


~ Ovidiu Viorica, Regional Manager Public School Facilities Authority~