View of the completed texturing and window work to the gym
View of the window installation on the south side of the gym tower
View of area E
Tower window installation completed in the theater area
View of the front entrance of the school showing the completed stucco work
New windows installed in Area E of the new kitchen addition
Prepping for final texturing of the west side of the gym
View of the plastering of the front entrance area
Wire mesh installed on the south side of the gym
Ramp work
View of the completed work on the front entrance



Contract Amount: $8,517,304
Client: Santa Fe Public Schools
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Duration: 485 Days
Synopsis: The project consists of the construction of a new two story addition to the front entry of Capital High School, the addition of a new multipurpose/dining space located to the south courtyard, and renovations to various areas on the campus. Interior lights of the complete school were replaced with LED lights for energy cost savings. Project includes the addition of an access ramp with new pole lighting to the football field and an engineered masonry retaining wall.